Opera Web Browser 41.0 build 2353.69

Opera Web Browser offers excellent speed when loading pages and in their latest versions design has greatly improved. It is always known as the most actives browser, when we talk about performance tuning. It is one of the best web browsers and serious alternatives to Mozilla Firefox or even Google Chrome.

Opera uses the Chromium engine, the same used by Google Chrome. The use of Chromium guarantees excellent performance when loading pages and more stable browser. Talking about performance, Opera continues to give excellent results, as we saw in our last comparative browser. It is a fast and stable browser.

Opera Web Browser design has been radically improved. It focuses on improving usability, particularly Quick Access screen. More space for content and less for the browser options, in line with the rest of their rivals.

Opera includes a download manager, private browsing to leave no trace and is the first browser to include an integrated system that allows you to safely navigate VPN.

If your connection is slow or have a data transfer limit, you can activate Opera Turbo from the main menu. Opera Turbo compresses images and other heavy web files to load pages gain fluency.

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