FortiClient 5.6.0 build 1075 Offline Installer

FortiClient 5.6.0 build 1075 Offline Installer is a complete security package that includes antivirus, VPN client, firewall, web filtering and network optimizer.

As ambitious feature selection is based on a classical state panel, with sections arranged in a column. FortiClient antivirus, central part of the suite, offers real-time protection, automatic updates, quarantine and monitor Windows Registry.

FortiClient firewall is simple but functional, with an intrusion detector, a manager of advanced rules and the definition of security zones. Similar Simplicity is in connection modules VPN, WAN optimization and FiltroWeb.

Few developers offer as complete security package free of charge. FortiClient may not be the most pleasant or complete, but its amplitude and low resource consumption make it an option to consider, especially for less powerful computers.

Change Log:

- Initial release of 5.6.0.
- Updated to add support for FortiSandbox 2.4.0.

Special Notices

SSL VPN 98% issues

  • New SSL VPN Windows Driver has been introduced, which will help resolve various SSL VPN connection issues.
  • The new driver will help increase the performance by up to 20% and provide a stable VPN connection.

Windows notification of AV being disabled

  • In FortiClient 5.6.0, FortiClient will notify Windows Security Center Antivirus is Down only when FortiClient
  • Antivirus has really stopping running.

Local certificate store not supported

  • FortiClient (Windows) no longer supports the local certificate store, and it is recommend that you use Windows
  • Certificates Store instead. If you are currently using the local certificate store, you should transition to Windows
  • Certificates Store before upgrading to FortiClient (Windows) 5.6.0.

Microsoft Windows server support

  • For Microsoft Windows servers, only the AntiVirus feature for FortiClient is supported.

What’s New in FortiClient (Windows) 5.6.0
This section identifies the new features and enhancements in FortiClient (Windows) 5.6.0. For more information, see the FortiClient Administration Guide.

FortiClient install option
FortiClient installer now only installs features required for the solution chosen by user at the time of install.

Improved FortiClient compliance feature
FortiClient endpoint compliance is now enforced by FortiOS where administrator can either warn or block noncompliant endpoints. FortiClient dashboard will display the compliance status and reason for non-compliance. FortiClient dashboard will also include information on the configuration settings that is causing non-compliance.

Vulnerability Scan GUI
The FortiClient GUI for the Vulnerability feature has been improved to show details on detected vulnerabilities and patch status and to identify software failed to be auto-patched. The improved display of the results helps improve usability, where the user can easily identify outstanding vulnerabilities that may need to be fixed manually.

User Avatar retrieval from cloud applications
FortiClient can now be used to retrieve username and user avatar from third-party cloud application, such as LinkedIn, Salesforce and Google.

User Avatar sent to FortiAnalyzer
FortiClient can now send user avatar and device information to FortiAnalyzer so that it can be used in FortiView and reports.

Improved remote logging to FortiAnalyzer
FortiClient endpoints now send detailed logs to FortiAnalyzer so that data can be used for FortiView and custom reports.

Sandbox detection
The Sandbox Detection feature can be used to send files to FortiSandbox for analysis without having to install the AntiVirus feature. This feature can use used with other third-party AV products installed on the endpoint. The Sandbox Detection feature will quarantine any files found to be malicious by FortiSandbox. You can also send the following file types with supported file extensions to FortiSandbox for analysis: web and email downloads as well as files copied from removable USB drives or network drives.

New SSL VPN Windows Driver
New SSL VPN Windows Driver has been introduced, which will help resolve various SSL VPN connection issues. The new driver will help increase the performance by up to 20% and provide a stable VPN connection.

VPN Auto-Reconnect improvement
When FortiClient VPN auto-connect feature is turned on, and VPN connection fails, a permanent pop-up window is displayed to inform the user about the connection failure. FortiClient will keep re-trying to connect VPN in the background, until the user selects an option from the pop-up window.

Configurator and Rebranding Tools
FortiClient Configurator Tool, which is used to create custom installers, will be available for download for free from Fortinet Developer Network site ( FortiClient Rebranding Tool is available for download with FNDN site license.
FortiClient Offline Installer
Software Informations:

Operating System:
Windows 10 / Windows 8 / Windows 8.1 / Windows 7 / Windows XP
Date Added:
June 22, 2017
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