Grub4Dos GUI Installer 1.1

Grub4Dos GUI Installer is a small program to help you install GRUB to the master boot record of your Flash Disk or any Hard Disk drive (External or Internal). You will really need this program if you want to be able to install GRUB4DOS with just a few clicks.

To use Grub4Dos GUI Installer in Windows environment, you just need to run grubinst_gui.exe (you will need Administrator privilege), choose your target disk from drop down menu, choose Whole Disk (MBR) from the Part List drop down menu, and press Install. A popup window will appears to notify you that the installation was successful.

Grub4Dos GUI Installer is only installed the Grub4DOS MBR and booting code to your disk, so you still need to manually copy grldr and menu.lst from GRUB4DOS package to your flash disk or hard disk and configure to the menu.lst.
Grub4Dos GUI Installer 1.1
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Windows All
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August 06, 2014

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