McAfee Stinger

Among the biggest problems of computer find undoubtedly viruses. It is always advisable to have a good antivirus, but in cases where for some reason it is not available and the computer has been infected, we can use some software like McAfee Stinger.

McAfee Stinger has scored a very important both as simply running it gets removed a huge amount of virus actually extended. Thus, we give a breather to install a real antivirus with the computer completely free of worms. McAfee Stinger can remove Backdoor virus spread, Bagle, MyDoom, Sober, Zafi, Korgo, Bugbear, EPO and many more.

The amount of virus that recognizes and eliminates this software is really huge, which makes it one of the most efficient disinfection programs. McAfee Stinger interface is very simple and similar to the window scanner to open the vast majority of antivirus which shows the files that are being reviewed and viruses found.

Furthermore, it allows the analysis exactly configure and check the list of known viruses. Stinger is a type of missile developed in the United States and used by many armies, so if you want to kill viruses with guns, McAfee Stinger is a good software to start.

New Detections:
  • PS/CryptoDefense
  • Ransom-CryptoDefense
  • Ransom-Spora!lnk
  • Exploit-CVE2016-7200
  • Exploit-CVE2016-7201
  • NSIS/ObfusRansom.h

Enhanced Detections:
  • Generic
  • Generic Trojan.i
  • Golroted.gen.g
  • NSIS/ObfusRansom.r
  • PWSZbot-FHN
  • Ransom-Spora.b
  • Ransomware-Locky.f!enc
  • Ransomware-Locky.g
McAfee Stinger
Software Informations:

Operating System:
Windows All / Mac OS
Date Added:
February 09, 2017

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