Beyond Compare 4.0.1 build 19165

Beyond Compare is ideal for those who are trying to make comparisons between certain things like files, text, Zip, directories, FTP, program, etc. Or Synchronize, copy and manage validation codes.

Beyond Compare performs a comparison of directories and files between remote computers and can detect any differences that may exist between both of them. So we have the same files and directories with ease. And also you can make the comparison with files and directories on a FTP, apart from the possibility of using filters in the comparisons.

Beyond Compare even has ability to perform basic editing functions in text files, perfect for comparing different versions of the same source code, for example. You can set the criteria on which to base the comparison of folders and files and determine the actions that the program must perform when it finds data changes.
Beyond Compare 4.0.1 build 19165
Software Informations:

Operating System:
Windows 8 / 7 / Vista / XP
Date Added:
November 14, 2014

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