Skype Final Full Offline Installer

Skype is a VoIP service owned by Microsoft, which replaces the previous well-known instant messaging clients such as MSN Messenger. This software allows you to talk for free with friends and family, not only through instant messages, but also through an excellent free video conferencing service. Skype works on a multitude of devices and operating systems that make it a great program for cross-platform communication. Also comes with various plugins to download to customize the user experience.

Skype Offline Installer is based on peer-to-peer protocol that involves the constant use of many nodes at the same time to improve the quality of voice and video over its competitors. In addition, the application uses system processes in the background, which increase memory usage, but in return offers a high level of stability.

Skype allows you to communicate for free with any type of user, and it does not matter what kind of device use because you can call your friends in the conference, or with mobile phones via Wi-Fi or 3G. You can also make calls to landlines, but this feature is optional and requires the purchase of credit. In any case, communication Skype-to-Skype calls will be sufficient to call contacts on Blackberry, Android or iOS mobile devices, as well as any type of computer or tablet.

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Download for Windows (MSI)
Download for Windows (EXE)
Download for Windows (
Download for Windows (Online)
Download for Linux (Ubuntu 32)
Download for Linux (Ubuntu 64)
Download for Linux (Debian 32)
Download for Linux (Fedora RPM)
Download for Linux (SuSE RPM)
Download for Linux (Tar)
Download for Mac
Download for Android
Download for iOS
Download for Windows Phone
Download for BB/Amazon

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