Panda Antivirus Pro [DISCOUNT 20% OFF] 2015 15.0.1

Panda Antivirus Pro is a lightweight antivirus specially designed to protect your computer in the easiest way. With it you will be safe from viruses, spyware and any thread to your computer.

Panda Antivirus Pro automatically detects and eliminates all types of viruses, worms and Trojans. Panda Antivirus Pro lets you surf the Internet, send and receive emails, play games, download files, chat without fear of viruses, through the firewall protection.

Panda Antivirus Pro also detects and removes all types of spyware and other annoying programs installed without your permission on your computer, while protecting your connection through a comprehensive and non-intrusive firewall and keeps your personal data in a safe online scams.

All in all, Panda Antivirus Pro comes with a very good protection and with a very easy to use interface.
Panda Antivirus Pro [DISCOUNT 20% OFF] 2015 15.0.1
Software Informations:

Operating System:
Windows 8 / 7 / Vista / XP
Date Added:
August 13, 2014
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