Counter-Strike 1.6 v7 Full Setup

Counter-Strike is a modification of the legendary Half Life created in the end of the XX century, a multiplayer game where two teams confront in different scenarios. This new version brings new locations, weapons and design.

In this FPS game two teams are divided in terrorists or counter-terrorists. First of all, you will have to choose your team, your weapons, then, to start playing in order to fulfill different missions in a variety of locations. These goals may vary depending on the game mode, from finishing members of the opposite team, to try to help one of your group.

Although it is a classic video game, Counter Strike 1.6 is characterized of being fast and addictive due to its multiplayer function and its big community around the world.

Classic games never fail, but it is again improved. This ultimate version is available with new maps and better graphics, thanks principally to the large community of Counter-Strike 1.6 fans who are constantly creating mods of weapons and locations that you can find on the Internet.
Counter-Strike 1.6 v7 Full Setup
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Windows All
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December 04, 2016

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