Big Solitaires 3D 1.4

Big Solitaires 3D Portable is a free card games with various solitaire games like Canfield, Corona, Klondike game and many more.

Big Solitaries 3D works perfectly with different operating systems. Forget about windows that are freezing when playing. No need to reboot the computer repeatedly. These are just a few advantages that we can see with this program. There are also shortcut keys to be used in the entire interface. The features list down all interesting games that can be played. Movements throughout the game are easier with just a few clicks of the mouse. The interface looks like you are playing as a professional card player.

Big Solitaires 3D is a good program that balances the quality of game, effects and available features.

  • Fullscreen /window mode in any resolution supported for the gpu
  • Camera movement
  • Full Undo/Redo
  • Automatic on/off movements
  • Games with on/two and three (big) decks
  • ...

Basic interface
  • Arrows, RePag, AvPag, Insert, Del, Home and End keys to move the free camera.
  • Click right mouse to get one of pile and automatic put it if possible.
  • Double click to move it of a column to other, if possible
  • Wheel mouse to undo/redo
  • F9 to Automatic on/off
  • F8 to change resolution an background color. Restart is necessary

  • Canfield
  • Canfield Two Decks
  • Canfield Superior
  • Corona
  • Doubles
  • Doubles 13
  • Easthaven
  • Emperor
  • Forty Thieves
  • Forty Thieves and Eight
  • Forty Thieves Three Decks
  • Forty Thieves Four Decks
  • FreeCell
  • FreeCell Two Decks
  • Golf
  • Golf A-K
  • Golf A-K Two Decks
  • Indian
  • Klondike (one and three cads)
  • Klondike Two Decks
  • Lucky Fans
  • Montana Three Redeals
  • Ocean's Eleven
  • Rail One Deck
  • Rail Two Decks
  • Russian
  • Russian Relaxed
  • Scarab
  • Scorpion
  • Simple Simon
  • Spider
  • Spider One Suite
  • Spider Two Suites
  • Spider Three Decks
  • Spiderette
  • Spiderette Relaxed
  • Towers
  • Yukon
  • Yukon Relaxed
  • Z-Four
Big Solitaires 3D 1.4
Software Informations:

Operating System:
Windows / Linux
Date Added:
December 05, 2016
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