GameBoost [Discount 30% OFF]

Gameboost is a software to optimize your system for maximum performance in games and the Internet connection. The program is as simple as choosing your operating system, your connection, and it will automatically optimize your system. It is responsible for detecting the optimal configuration of your memory, monitor refresh rates and configuring Internet access.

Once it finished, Gameboost will need to restart the computer to see the results, it claim that Gameboost can double the frames per second on latest generation games like Doom 3 or increase the overall stability of your operating system. But if you don't like the change, you just need to push a button to reset all the configurations.

As often happens in cases of similar programs, the effectiveness of Gameboost depend on hardware and software configuration of the system that is installed.
GameBoost [Discount 30% OFF]
Software Informations:

Operating System:
Windows 2k / XP / Vista / 7 / 2008 / 8
Date Added:
August 18, 2014
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