Portable Wireshark 1.10.3 / 1.11.2 Development

Wireshark is a very useful tool to accurately analyze the flow of data over a network. For the common user it is probably unnecessary and incomprehensible, but for a professional or a network administrator is an application to be considered

Wireshark allows to accurately analyze all the data packets that pass over a network. You can do it either in real time or in deferred working on the captured data in a previous session.

The main interface of Wireshark has three windows. The first shows a series of lines corresponding to the transmitted and received packets, describing them briefly. The second window instead shows the details of the selected package, such as the protocol used for the transmission, the source and destination. The last window shows the exact contents of the package finally, in hexadecimal digits.

Portable Wireshark 1.10.3 / 1.11.2 Development Download

Portable Wireshark 1.10.3 / 1.11.2 Development Download

Like many utilities of its kind, Wireshark can be used for all kinds of purposes, and only up to you to the proper use of its functionality.

Software Informations:
License: Freeware / Price: $0
Size: 22MB
OS: Windows 7 / XP / Vista / 2k
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