MPlayer for Windows 2013-11-08 Build 119

MPlayer is a player that can play all audio and video codecs. At first time, not like the other players, MPlayer has no interface. But what at first may seem inconvenient, ultimately it is a very practical and above all, very quickly to control the functions of the program. To control the player, mostly you will use a key combinations.

MPlayer includes a help file which specifies all the key combinations needed to control every functions on it. If you want you also can enable graphics system overlays which show the response to the controls (one bar when going up or down the volume, pause symbol, etc.)

MPlayer for Windows 2013-11-08 Build 119 Download

MPlayer for Windows 2013-11-08 Build 119 Download

MPlayer plays a wide range of multimedia formats, with support for dozens of audio and video codecs, with a quick and agile response and low resource consumption.

Update: MPlayer for Windows 2014-01-13 Build 121

Software Informations:
License: GPL / Price: $0
Size: 37.6MB
OS: Windows 8 / 7 / Vista / XP
Date Published:
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